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CNN Headline News
Re: O.J. WAS SET UP AGAIN � (Clip from YouTube)

CNN ANCHOR: (news clip already in progress) Maybe you can help sort this one out. What do you think of this?

KENDALL COFFEY: I don�t know how much I can help sort any of this crazy stuff out.

CNN ANCHOR: I know it�s hard to follow, isn�t it?

KENDALL COFFEY: More like a Las Vegas floor show than a Las Vegas crime story. But it keeps getting crazier and now this lawsuit is filed. You almost never see a lawsuit like this in the middle of a criminal case that�s pending. But it almost seems like it�s the script from O.J.�s lawyers� opening statement. The whole thing was a set-up; O.J. was being provoked to say all kinds of bad things, to do �imprudent� things, as if to say O.J. was a victim here too. So, who the heck to knows where this thing is really coming from but one person that�s got to be smiling today is O.J.�s defense lawyer.

CNN ANCHOR: You really think this could affect O.J.�s side of things? Again, kidnapping charges, armed robbery charges, do you think it could affect him?

KENDALL COFFEY: I can�t tell if it�s going to move mountains or move molehills in terms of things but it�s all good because first of all it obviously commits Alfred Beardsley to his story which is pretty darn favorable for O.J. It also could very well come up in cross-examination of Tom Riccio or some of the other witnesses. Meanwhile, if nothing else the trial is not that long from now - April 7th. The trial date seems to be holding pretty fast for O.J. and the two remaining defendants in the trial. And, if nothing else, the defense is sitting back and saying well maybe some future jurors in this case are reading that O.J. was the victim here being set up because that�s what it says in a lawsuit.

CNN ANCHOR: When you say victims, what are we looking at here? Has the defense just painted an �O.J. is just around a bunch of shady characters who want to take advantage of his fame� or infamous status, is that where they go? Is that going to score in a court of law?

KENDALL COFFEY: Well, I think you have a pretty good summary of the opening right there. But that�s where they got to go. They call this cast of characters, the witnesses, a defense lawyers� dream. They are shady and shadier, dumb and dumber in terms of whether they can find baggage or inconsistencies � they are just people that just don�t impress you a whole bunch. 

But O.J. needs some explanation for how this bizarre souvenir hunt gone wrong actually happened. So I think that the Riccio set-up, because Riccio wanted either 15 minutes of fame or maybe $15,000, or a lot more than that in terms of financial reward for creating a story, taping it and selling it to somebody�that becomes O.J.�s story. And remember right after the so-called bad guys exited the hotel room and the three alleged victims are standing there? Within moments they are talking about somebody calling Inside Edition to sell this story. They should have, by the way, been calling CNN Headline�s Primetime News instead, but that�s the kind of the flavor of these characters and it�s going to be very interesting for a jury. 

CNN ANCHOR: Kendall, I appreciate the hype there. Kendall Coffey, this was a tough one for both of us to try to sort out. I think we did just that. Again, maybe a boost for O.J. through all of this. Unbelievable. Kendall, good talking to you. Thanks again.



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